Deposits & Accumulations on Roadways

[Adopted 2-2-1948 ATM, Art. 29]

§ 106-1. Prohibitions; penalties.

Any person being the owner, tenant, sharecropper or occupant of any land abutting upon any town way, county road or other public highway, except only a state highway in the Town of Sunderland, which has been improved by the application thereto of gravel, tar, oil, asphalt, Tarvia, bitumen or similar substances or combinations or preparations therefor, who shall so plow, harrow, cultivate or in any other way or otherwise so farm, work or use said abutting land by himself, his agent or servant or under his direction or in the course of said husbandry or otherwise shall so use such adjoining improved way, road or highway as thereby to cause to be deposited or to accumulate upon the improved surface of such way, road or highway gravel, sand, sod, earth, manure, compost, debris, detritus or wash of any kind, or who shall plow, harrow or cultivate into any such mentioned way so as to disturb or injure the shoulders or surface of said roadway, shall incur for violation of this article a penalty by fine not exceeding twenty dollars ($20.) for each offense, to be recovered upon complaint before the District Court of Franklin; and, upon any such violation or neglect, the Superintendent of Roads and Streets of the Town of Sunderland may cause such deposit or accumulation to be removed from the road surface or repairs to be made to any damaged portion of the roadway at the expense of the person liable therefor, and such expense, to an amount not exceeding the penalty, may be recovered in an action of contract by the Town of Sunderland.