Try Transit On Us - Nov 25-Dec 31, no fares or passes needed to ride during this time!


Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
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Press Release
For Immediate Release: November 15, 2022
Try Transit On Us This Holiday Season
SPRINGFIELD, MA: The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) announced that from November 25, 2022 through December 31, 2022, no fares or passes will be needed for PVTA bus and paratransit services, thanks in part, to a grant included in the state budget and awarded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The program is designed to encourage new customers to “Try Transit” by offering no cost trips to shop or dine at local businesses, visit with friends and family, and commute to work during the holiday season.
“The PVTA is appreciative of the legislature's funding of a short-term prepaid period around the holiday season. This program will promote opportunities for people to experience the services of the transit authorities. Simultaneously, it will serve as a catalyst for community building and economic opportunity as people are able to experience activities in their communities related to the holiday season. We look forward to working with our fellow RTAs to implement this program” said Douglas Slaughter, Chairman of PVTA’s Advisory Board.
The “Try Transit” initiative will be supported by the state grant that was awarded to all fifteen of the Commonwealth’s Regional Transit Authorities who worked together to submit a joint application and plan for implementation. In PVTA’s service area, all fixed route and paratransit services will be offered at no cost to customers.
“PVTA provides vital transportation services in our community offering equitable mobility options that help people get to work, school, medical appointments, shopping centers, events, social outings and more. This “Try Transit” program is a great time for people to experience the benefits of taking public transportation, while being able to travel stress free during the holiday season” said PVTA Administrator, Sandra E. Sheehan.
Although primarily designed to attract new customers by easing access to services, “Try Transit” will of course also offer a financial reprieve to current riders during these times of high inflation. It is expected that the savings and increased mobility offered by PVTA services will translate into increased spending at local shops and restaurants.
“MassDOT is pleased to have worked closely with the Commonwealth’s 15 Regional Transit Authorities to utilize the funding awarded in the FY23 state budget for the “Try Transit” program. This initiative is another example of the many efforts where MassDOT and the RTAs collaborate to improve mobility options for Massachusetts transit customers,” said MassDOT Rail & Transit Administrator, Meredith Slesinger.
For additional information on the “Try Transit” program (#TryTransitHoliday2022), please visit pvta.com or contact PVTA’s Customer Service Office at 781-PVTA. Happy Holidays!
About the PVTA
The PVTA is the largest regional transit authority in Massachusetts with 189 buses, 150 vans and 24 participating member communities. Additional information about the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority may be found at www.pvta.com or by calling 1-877-779-7882.