Sunderland owns all TOWN  streetlights and they are now converted with the LED light fixturesl. If you notice a town-owned street light issue, we ask that you report the problem with the POLE NUMBER AND STREET LOCATION AND CROSS ROAD directly to the Selectmen's Office by either calling: 665-1441 x1 or email:

NOTE: THIS IS FOR TOWN-OWNED STREET LIGHTS ONLY.  Do not call Eversource as you will be redirected to contact the town. 

For lights privately owned, such as those on private property, please contact EVERSOURCE directly at 877-659-6326 or visit their website at and click on the OUTAGES tab.  Not sure if it is a town owned light? Follow the same directions and enter the identifying information.  If it is a town-owned fixture, you will get a message informing you that Eversource does not maintain this town's streetlights.

Anyone having issues with their private streetlight, you should contact Eversource for reporting problems and resolution.