Fuel Storage Registration

The Town Clerk processes the annual registration of facilities and/or properties on which a license to maintain flammable liquids, gases or solids has been issued.

Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Licenses

Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Licenses may be obtained on-line State Division of Fisheries & Wildlife. The Sunderland Town Clerk no longer serves as an agent for state gaming and fishing license.

Raffle Permits

  • Only non-profit/charitable organizations may hold raffles, bazaars or other gaming events (e.g. Texas Hold'em or Casino Nights).
  • The funds raised must be used for educational, charitable, religious, fraternal or civil purposes or for veteran's benefits.
  • Permits must be obtained prior to the raffle, bazaar or gaming event. Please allow for a minimum of a 1-2 week turnaround for the permit application,  approval and issuance process.
  • Organizations must provide documentation of their current, non-profit/tax exempt status (501(C)(3), ST-2, etc.) prior to permit issuance.

Once an application is approved and permit issued, the permit is valid for one (1) year from date of issuance. The organization is then required to submit an Annual Report within thirty (30) days of the permit's expiration date.