Energy Committee

The Energy Committee has vacancies. If you are interested in joining our Committee please email the Energy Committee Chair with your interest.

Mission Statement

The Board of Selectmen have created an Energy Committee for the Town of Sunderland. The Select Board has charged the committee to review Sunderland's current relationship with energy.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surveying town residents for opinions and ideas about energy issues.
  • Identifying public and private opportunities for energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Identifying existing renewable energy resources and the potential for renewable energy use.
  • Identifying residents with useful skills, knowledge, and connections relevant to our energy futur
  • Locating practical examples and models in Sunderland that that point to a renewable energy future.
  • Identify sources of assistance and funding for education, conservation, and renewable energy resource development.
  • Assist town government to network with other towns and nongovernmental organizations on energy issues.
  • Share energy-related information with town government and citizens.
  • Coordinate with citizen groups who organize educational activities or neighborhood efforts.
  • Report as needed to the Selectmen and to town meeting.

There are 6 seats on the Energy Committee. Each member serves for a term of one year. All seats on the committee are appointed by the Select Board.

Committee Members

Name Title
Aaron Falbel Vice-Chair
Laura Williams Member
David Goodwin Chair
Gabriella Fox Member