Sunderland Riverside Park

A Cooperative Project Between the Town of Sunderland and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts PARC Program

Sunderland Riverside Park officially opened on July 13, 2019. Located off School Street in Sunderland, at the base of the blue bridge, the park offers:

  • Small boat access to the Connecticut River
  • An accessible river walk and observation deck with a spectacular view of Mt. Sugarloaf
  • Baseball and soccer fields and a sand volleyball court
  • A 3/4 mile pedestrian loop linking the boat ramp, riverwalk, playing fields, Public Library, Town Offices, and Veterans' Memorial.
  • A 1/4 mile inner loop for those who'd like to rack up more steps.

The 8-acre site is universally accessible and permanently conserved as recreation land. 

Parking is available in the Sunderland Public Library lot at 20 School Street and extends behind the Sunderland Town Office Building. Eight boat trailer spaces are available.

See boat ramp regulations and information.


    This Park Is Your Park

    From now on, Sunderland Riverside Park is for everyone, forever. It's up to all of us to maintain and grow it.

    Here are some ways you can be part of the park:

    • Pick up trash when you see it.
    • Donate a bench or funds for maintenance/improvements.
    • Adopt a particular garden or section of the park to care for.
    • Help plan the next phase of improvements.
    • Join the fun-loving Friends of Riverside Park to keep apprised of events and community work parties.

    To find out more, email or see


    The Payoff on Your CPA Investment


    Cost of project, including boat ramp

    12.5% (1/8)Percent of cost that came from Sunderland CPA collections
    7:1How much local CPA collections were matched by other sources
    $65Average contribution per Sunderland property


    Thank You!

    The development of Sunderland Riverside Park was a multi-year community endeavor. Thanks to the many folks who made it happen:

    • Project Leadership and Fundraising ~ Community Pathways Committee: Gary Briere, Linda Lopatka, Dan Murphy, Melissa Perot, Nancy Pick, Rob Powell, Sara Snyder, Rock Warner. 
    • Project Administration ~ Town of Sunderland: Sherry Patch, Cindy Bennett, Scott Bergeron, Tom Fydenkevez, David Pierce. 
    • Landscape Design ~ Carlos Nieto-Mattei of Berkshire Design Group. 
    • Construction ~ Taylor Davis Landscape & Construction. 
    • Sign Design: Brent Hale.
    • Planning and Support ~ Jim Ewen, Marc D'Urso, Shana Deane. 
    • Ecological Consulting and Technical Assistance ~ Dave Sagan, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. 
    • Boat Ramp Reconstruction ~ Terry Smith, Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game, Office of Fishing & Boating Access. 
    • Funding  
      • Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs, Division of Conservation Services
      • Sunderland CPA Fund
      • Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game, Office of Fishing & Boating Access
      • Connecticut River Conservancy
      • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
      • Sunderland Conservation Commission
      • Sunderland Youth Baseball
    • Donations ~ All States Materials Group, Delta Sand & Gravel.

    It takes a commonwealth to make a park!