Tax Collector / Treasurer

The Collector/Treasurer is responsible for the general tax collection and treasury duties of the Town. The position is appointed by the Selectboard.

  • REAL ESTATE TAX RATE for FY23 is $12.80 per$1,000. The tax rate is a single-payer rate. The single-payer tax rate also includes no residential exemption, no open space discount and, no small commercial exemption.
  • WATER DISTRICT TAX RATE for FY23 is 49¢ per$1,000.

REAL ESTATE TAX  and WATER TAX BILLS (where applicable) were mailed June 23, 2023. DUE DATE by Wed. October 4, 2023. You may CLICK HERE to PAY TAXES ONLINE. We accept checks and cash for mail-in or in-person payments. We DO NOT accept CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS.  REAL ESTATE and WATER DISTRICT Tax bills are sent biannually: billed as a preliminary tax bill and an actual tax bill. If you did not receive your bill in the mail, contact the Collector/Treasurer's Office at 413-665-1444. 

Note: Online payments are not available if the tax bill is past the due date. Contact the Collector/Treasurer. 

MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE TAX PAYMENTS - CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE, or payments are accepted by mail or in-person. Note, only cash or checks are accepted accepted for in-person payments, we DO NOT accept CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS. If you received an EXCISE TAX DEMAND NOTICE in the mail OR CANNOT renew your license or registration at the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles, contact the DEPUTY COLLECTOR - JEFFREY & JEFFREY at 413-967-9941.  For further MA Motor Vehicle Excise Information - click HERE.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Heather Davis 413-665-1444