$10.00For filing and indexing assignment for the benefit of creditors.
$10.00For filing attachment of bulky personal property.
$10.00For filing dissolution of attachment of bulky personal property.
$20.00For entering amendment of a record of the birth of a child born out of wedlock, subsequently legitimized.
$20.00For correcting errors in a record of birth.
$10.00For furnishing certificate of birth.
$20.00For entering delayed record of birth.
$20.00For correcting errors in a record of death
$10.00For furnishing a certificate of death.
$25.00For entering notice of intention of marriage and issuing certificates thereof.
$20.00For entering certificate of marriage filed by persons married out of the commonwealth.
$20.00For issuing certificate of marriage
$15.00Zoning By-laws (includes map)
$10.00Sub-Division By-laws
$30.00For filing certificate of a person conducting business under any title other than his real name.
$10.00For the filing by a person conducting business under any title other than his real name of a statement of change of his residence, or of his discontinuance, retirement or withdrawal from, or of a change of location of, such business.
$10.00For furnishing certified copy of certificate of person conducting business under any title other than his real name, or a statement by such person of his discontinuance, retirement or withdrawal from such business.
$20.00For recording the name and address, the date and number of the certificate issued to a person registered for the practice of podiatry in the commonwealth.
$20.00For recording power of attorney.
$20.00For recording certificate of registration granted to a person to engage in the practice of optometry, or issuing a certified copy thereof.
$20.00For recording the name of the owner of a certificate of registration as a physician or osteopath in the commonwealth.
$40.00For recording order granting locations of poles, piers, abutments or conduits, alterations or transfers thereof, and increase of number of wires and cable or attachments under the provisions of section twenty-two of chapter one hundred sixty-six.
$10.00For examining records or papers relating to birth, marriage, or deaths upon the application of any person, the actual expense thereof, but not less than
$10.00For copying any manuscript or record pertaining to a birth, marriage or death, per page
 First page: $20.00, each additional page: $5.00 - For receiving and filing of a complete inventory of all items to be included in a “closing out sale”, “going out of business sale”, etc.
$40.00For filing a copy of written instrument or declaration of trust by the trustees of an association or trust, or any amendment thereof, as provided by section two of chapter one hundred eighty-two.
$10.00Street List
$ 5.00Certification of any document/instrument/ paper
$30.00Computer Extract (example:  census or voter activity-includes disk)
$10.00Voter/Residency Certificate
$20.00Raffle Permit applications
$10.00UCC Financing Statement Search request (includes list of debtor’s UCC filings to June 30, 2001)
$15.00plus $1.00/copy - UCC Financing Statement Search request with copies (includes copies of the face pages of all UCC filings of a given debtor to June 30, 2001)
$25.00Certificates of Registration (Fuel Storage-Renewal)
$10.00Dog Licenses (Spayed/Neutered)
$15.00Dog Licenses (Not Spayed or Neutered)
$40.00Kennel Licenses (4 dogs or less)
$70.00Kennel Licenses (5 to 10 dogs)
$100.00Kennel Licenses (more than 10 dogs)